Starling is a three-person play written by Gemma Whiteley.

Charley (played by Tumba Katanda) and Imogen (Holly Smith), two childhood friends now on opposite political spectrums, meet for a reunion after a civil war. Imogen and Riz (Vincent Gwyn) figure out how to survive after the conflict.

STARLING will be just one of the several plays* (see programme) on the October 18th & 19th showcases starting 7:30 pm. There will be plays and monologues from incredible underrepresented talents and writers — so you know you’ll be in for a good time!

Tickets are £10, or £8 depending on the seats. Student prices and concessions are available.

The Judi Dench Playhouse is at the Questors Theatre, the closest tube station is Ealing Broadway:


Holly Smith headshot, by Kimberley Archer


As Imogen

Holly Smith graduated with a First Class degree in 2020 after completing a three-year acting BA course at Kingston University. She is currently a member of the London Meisner Company.


As Charley

Tumba Katanda trained as a dancer at the George Salter Academy. She found her interest in acting through her creative physical work.

Vincent Gwyn headshot, by Brendon Fraser


As Riz

Vincent Gwyn trained with numerous tutors and directors (Christopher Hanvey from ‘Anarchy Actors’, Clare Davidson at ‘Pinewood Studios’ & many more more) for several years until finally deep-diving into acting. This year, he has featured in Merman Films’ DHL commercial ‘Keep Up With the Clicks’.

*List of plays:

October 18th
Evergreen | Flat Pack | Ours | Starling | Posho | Look At Your Game Girl | Monologues (Eleni Varon, Olivia Fearn)

October 19th
Flat Pack | The Chilled Aisle | Cat Person | Ours | Starling | Monologue (Sophie Doyle) | Shrimp Baby | Monologues (Eleni Varon, Olivia Fearn)

For a full overview of the cast in those plays, see our Programme!